District 88 Properties Group

What we do....

District 88 is a real estate investment company that focuses on the acquisition of real estate through off market channels. Prior to acquisition, every asset is carefully analyzed for its best and highest use. Being a part of the Owners Express family companies allows for multiple exit strategies for each asset.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple... We analyze each asset brought to us by our acquisition staff or external seller and determine what the best and highest use is for each property. We then take all the necessary steps, based on the predetermined exit strategy, to take the property from acquisition to re-sale or place within the company for a long-term hold asset.

Our specialities

We specialize in Single Family and Multi Family properties, but will look at most types of real estate, including vacant land and lots if they are in locations where we are currently purchasing. 

Contact Us

Do you have a property you want sell or just questions about selling to District 88? Do not hesitate to send us a message and one of our acquisition consultants will contact you.

District 88 Properties Group, LLC

An Owners Express Company